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Here are a few images I took at The Asylum.  Fantastic time.  Really loved it. So friendly and fun.
On to the mad, bad and dangerous to know..Collapse )

More pics from The Asylum!

A big Huzzah to all I met :)

I have never been to anything as friendly, polite, and full of comaraderie than this event!

Beautiful city, fantastic event, marvelous costumes!

Thank you so much to the Major, his good lady and the crew for such tireless work- a real success...just wating on dates and bookings will be made promtly! I am so happy to have been a part of this wonderful event- we might be the first  committed lunatics of the Asylum, but I am sure we will not be the last...watch out Lincoln!

for me, this outshines WGW, hands down!


Photos from inside the Asylum

After a brilliant weekend I have managed to convince my personal computation device to upload my images to the aethernet.

Lincoln Steampunk

They can all be found on Flickr tagged with LincolnSteampunk.

Please peruse and download as you wish.

(X-posted to Brass Goggles forum as well)


I haven't had yet time to do my individual posting of the wonderful event on my LJ or FB...but all my photos from the weekend are here


Cannot wait for the next one :)


I have pictures for you...


The full set is on flickr here and should be downloadable if you see a photo you want to grab. I've also tagged them as Lincoln Steampumk Asylum and lincolnsteampunk.

Many thanks to the organisers, I had a fantastic time, and hope to return next year.

Tickets and accomodation

Tickets are on sale online at the event website http://steampunk.synthasite.com

Accomodation can be found via the  search engine at http://www.visitlincolnshire.com

Enquiries can be made at majortinker@aol.com  but I am very busy this week and it may take me a while to reply.



Weekend at the Asylum is now fully live

The Weekend at the Asylum is now fully set up and confirmed. (Amazingly we did it in just 9 days!!!)

Trousseaux are now joining Ghostfire at the event.

The website is up and runnng at http://steampunk.synthasite.com

Tickets are now onsale through the tickets portal on the website.

I look forward to welcoming you to the Asylum in September.

Late news we have already booked out 35 tickets!! (Numbers 1 - 36, no number 13)